Composing Songs for You

Any moment in your life can be transformed into song!

Songs for Loved Ones


Nothing is more romantic than composing a song for your loved one. Peter works collaboratively with you to transform stories of you and your loved one into a romantic gesture that they will never forget. It is the perfect gift to celebrate the anniversary of the first moment you started your new life with your soul-mate.

Mother’s/ Father’s Day

The perfect gift for your mom and dad has always been something you created. Instead of buying a gift this year, surprise them with a song inspired by moments you shared with them. Giving them their song is a unique way of expressing your love for them, a gift about your relationship with them that your mom and dad are sure to appreciate.


Creating a personalized song for a loved one is a sentimental way to remind the people in your life how important they are to you and how much you love them.  Surprise them with a goofy birthday song that captures your relationship!

Graduation Parties

A gift that is perfect for embarrassing your new graduate! A gift that everyone present will enjoy and a keepsake from one of the great stepping-stones in the life of your friend or family member.

Funerals/ Memorial Services

Celebrate the life of your loved one by reminiscing through the use of song. Send them out with a bang! Peter will work with you to create a song or songs that celebrate the life of your loved one. He will work with you collaboratively to compose a song that not only encompasses the life of the song


Auditions/ Sheet Music

Peter has a diverse background including musical theatre. Leave it to him to create a song perfect for drawing the attention of any director or talent scout. It is crucial to show off vocal range during an audition, Peter can compose a song and equip you with sheet music that compliments and shows off the range of your voice.