Creating Music that Captures the Moment


For Those Who Want
Unique Music in Their Lives


How many ways

can you say ...

"I love you"

Discover the Music of You

Tell your story, relationships and events; share your thoughts and discuss your dreams.

Peter will transform your accounts into a unique musical keepsake to pass on for generations.

Honor your special moments

Alexander creates an enduring original piece to enhance and commemorate  the indelible moments in your life.

  • Weddings                         ~ Recall through music the magic of your special day
  • An ode to a loved one    ~ Show her your love with an original song
  • Retirement                      ~ Celebrate a life-time achievement
  • Remembrances              ~ Capture the life story of a beloved ancestor
  • Graduation                      ~ An accomplishment worth celebrating
  • Birthdays                         ~ Revel in your family gatherings
  • Valentines Day               ~ Share your true feelings

Alexander Originals

An exhilarating part of the adventure!

Peter is honored to participate in peoples lives through music.

How the work is created

Peter will conduct an in-depth interview with you, focusing on what you would like to say until he hears the “magic phrase” which becomes the heart of your personal song.

He then writes the “draft,” transforming your words and emotions into lyric and music.

The finished song includes percussion, bass, piano and voice in a four part arrangement to dazzle the imagination.

No matter the event, Peter will help you place a musical stamp on that moment in your history.  Music that can be passed down by future generations.

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  • Composer

    Your special event will shine that much brighter on the wings of music.

  • Lyricist

    Experience the magic of a beautifully crafted phrase.  A lyric is just the right word in the right place at the right time.

  • Dramatist

    Storytelling is the art of the dramatist. It is by adding this discipline to the creation of your music, that your story emerges – compelling and thought-provoking – a heritage to pass on to future generations.

    Alexander Originals are perfect for:

    • Retirement
    • Birthdays
    • Graduation
    • Weddings
    • Anniversaries
    • Commemorate any special occasion with a song!

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