Make Your Moments into Song

Three Steps to a Lasting Musical Memory

Step One ~ Interview and "The Pitch"

Collaboration is Key

Your custom song begins with an interview.

Your words give the song purpose and meaning. Share your stories, feelings and experiences that become the foundation of your song.

Your words help me understand why we’re writing the song and will provide the hook for  your song.

Creative Process ~ The Pitch

Step Two ~ The draft

Drafting the Song

Once the direction of the song is chosen, I will create a complete draft version of the song. This allows for alterations after the song is complete but before final production work is begun.

This will generally take another week but can happen much faster.

Creative Process Draft

Step Three ~ The Finished Piece

Arranging & Final Production

This is when I go away into the cave of the recording studio and emerge with your fully produced song. This process will generally take another week. And will result in a 3 – 4 part studio recording of your song. You will receive five (5) CD’s, digital files of the song, and a framed copy of the lyric.

Final Production

Video slideshow available (see pricing)


Are you looking to wow your partner with how much you love them?  Or surprise someone with a personalized Christmas song?  Do you need a unique way of proposing to your lover?  Or to memorialize someone special in your life?  As a composer, poet and dramatist, I take over 20 years of my professional experience in the craft of songwriting and mix it with your life experiences to create the perfect song to add magic to your occasion.

Any event that you can imagine can have a song built to enhance it including: weddings, proposals, anniversaries, funerals, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays etc… Creating lyrics is my specialty!  I can translate your raw, unformed idea into a poetic artistic song, with very little effort on your part.  In one simple interview, I can discover the information I will need to express, perfectly, the emotion that you’d like to convey in your song.

Behind the Scenes

From start to finish, your unique song can take from 3-5 weeks. Please know that this creative endeavor is unique for each person and song.  There is no such thing as an assembly line for the service I provide.  I take your most precious stories and put them to music. It is an honor to share in a part of your life.

Creative Process

Within ten days of the interview, I will create one to three (1-3) musical ideas, pitches, for you. These musical shorts are designed to capture the energy of the song, but will most likely be simpler – and shorter – than the final arrangement.  You will receive these ideas in the form of a password protected youtube video.

At this stage the song is taking shape, and it is still open for lots of additions and changes.

Form & Substance

Once you decide on the direction of the song, I will explore this path to build out your song, both in lyric and music.  This time is used to really capture your stories in the artistry of a lyric while the music coalesces into its full form.

At the end of this stage, the words and music have evolved to a complete song.  There is still room for a few adjustments before and during the final recording.

Final Recording and arranging

During this time I produce the studio recording of your song, arranging the musical elements to build out your finished Alexander Original.  After which, I lovingly hand over the creation to you.

This process will take approximately one week, perhaps longer if additional musicians are required for the recording.